Coated Pasta

Daiya has just come out with Deluxe Alfredo Style Cheezy Mac.DSC06663.jpg

As you can see it is gluten & soy free, dairy & lactose free, 5 grams of protein per serving and an excellent source of calcium. So says the box.







Here’s the skinny on this “deliciously dairy-free” product. It isn’t delicious. We want to love it but we can’t. We want to like it but we can’t save for transition food purposes. It just tastes like coated pasta.

There was a tradition in pre-foodie and cusp of foodie movement recipes that suggested one ‘stir to coat.’ So if you had a peanut sauce and were making cold noodles you would stir to coat. How about that General Tsao’s tofu? You’d stir to coat that curd.

This Daiya product, unfortunately, suggests base coat. You know, primer.

This Cheezy Mac does come together easily. Boil the brown rice pasta for 7 minutes.


Cut open the sauce pouch.


And squeeze contents over pasta and – you guessed it – stir to coat.

dsc06692The texture is good although there is the slightest quality of elasticity which can be attributed to the xanthan gum. You could make this what you want by adding all manner of additions. Some finely ground nut flour and a touch of nutritional yeast could make this more interesting. A squeeze of lemon over the finished dish could do it (whilst stirring to coat). Use your own vegan parm! When we tested this at VegOut HQ, one of our members whipped out a container of smoked paprika which she apparently takes everywhere and sprinkles on everything. While this added some depth of flavour and beautiful color it didn’t begin to suggest ‘Alfredo.’

DSC06702.jpgYou could also add some cauliflower or broccoli florets and stir those to coat, too. This could be a good pantry staple (for $5.89 it’s a steep staple) that you make your own. On it’s own, not so much. The portion above is half the box. The box allegedly serves 3. You’re looking at 450 calories.

If we were at the beginning of our vegan journey this could be a nice transition food in the way that most transition foods are. They’ll do. They don’t pass muster but they’ll do. We think this dish looks pretty. And that can be just what’s right for right now.

Either way, the animals will love you for it!

Here’s a seasonal alfredo to go for: Pumpkin Alfredo!