Thanksgiving in Brooklyn!


Wow! Enough said! moving on.

So speaking of Trump and Clinton let’s examine the heteronormative binary pertaining to turkeys. Gobblers/Hens!

Ok. How is everyone doing? Yeah, distressing no matter how you voted.

Did you decide that you don’t want to eat birds for Thanksgiving?

What a way we express gratitude in this country. We kill birds, remove their necks and digestive tracts and then shove them full of – well – what would make a corpse taste yummy? Shiitake mushrooms? Breadcrumbs? Celery and Carrots? Sage, thyme, rosemary and the like? Coat their cavities with Earth Balance? Fire up the oven and then shove them with what we’ve shoved into them into the oven. Delicious or disgusting? You, yourselves, be the decider!

Whatever. We aren’t eating birds on Thanksgiving. Once again, we’re gathering at Abdullah’s fabulous apartment in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn for fantastic vegan fare. We can truly be thankful that no male or female was harmed for our meal.

What am I thankful for? I am thankful for ever evolving consciousness. I am thankful for the many friendships that I’ve made and that you have all made through VegOut. Most of all I’m thankful for turkeys and grateful for how they enrich our world. Their absence during this holiday season is my wish for them and you.

The Details:

See Meetup for further details.