Veggie Pride Parade & Rally 2017

Veggie Pride Parade 2017 – the 10th Anniversary! – is an opportunity for all of us to show that veg values matter. These values place a high emphasis on the lives of animals, the health of the planet and the health of ourselves.

Tell your omnivorous friends that you’ll be marching, attending the rally or both. There will be much information for people to take away from this event.

There are many social justice movements happening simultaneously in our own community and the world at large. If you’ll pardon the reference, this is really all one big vegetable soup! Rights are rights. The right to simply be is important for every transgender, bisexual, lesbian and gay individual. It is of equal importance to every animal with whom we share this biosphere.

We have an amazing opportunity to learn much from each other and to teach others as well.

Our Plan:

11:30am – We will be at the parade assembly area with the VegOutNYC banner.  The parade officially starts assembling at this time where Little West 12th St., Gansevoort St., Greenwich St. and 9th Avenue converge. (NOTE: Start location is 2 blocks south of 14th Street and 9th Avenue.)  Exact location:

12:00pm – The parade kicks off!

1:00pm – We’ll hang out, chat and visit the exhibition tables while noshing and helping ourselves to literature.

The rally begins on the 17th Street side of Union Square Park. There will be speakers and performers throughout the afternoon. The event winds down around 4:30pm.

Everything Veggie Pride Parade can be found here:


The nearest elevator station is 14th St/8th Ave on the A,C,E and L line. The entire parade route is level. At the gathering place, there is an accessible bathroom two blocks north at the Apple Store. There are also accessible bathrooms within Chelsea Market at 16th St/9th Ave.

Photos from the 10th Anniversary Veggie Pride Parade: