How to Serve People Who Don’t Like to Stare Down Their Dinner


Melissa Clarke writes in the New York Times that: “There are many times when whole fish just can’t be on my menu. Like when I am in the mood for salmon, and the entire animal would be too much for my small family, or when I’m serving people who don’t like to stare down their dinner.”

Melissa, herself, doesn’t have an issue with her ‘catch of the day’ meeting her eye. That fish eye was meant to be stared down — and by who other than human animal Melissa.

“The prep work is simple. Butterflied trout doesn’t have bones to maneuver around, and it needn’t have the head either. (If yours comes with the head still attached, lop it off with a sharp knife.)” Watch the video on the Times website so you can see Melissa chop off the head of a non human animal without a second thought. Dinner’s dinner, right? A small family’s gotta eat!

“Sprinkle the fish with [the fully ripe internal egg masses of a fish]. The shimmering orange pearls add a salty burst — and it’s quick for the cook.” Absolutely delightful!


This garnish awaiting Sock-eye sperm is ready for plating.       Pretty pretty?

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