VegOut Walks the Labyrinth!

We’re going to spend a late afternoon interacting with and benefitting from an almost thousand year old tradition of problem solving – The Labyrinth!

Why do people walk a labyrinth? Veriditas explains this best:

Check out their website thoroughly for maximum benefit. Watch the video.

So bring your question and rest with it.

The labyrinth at Battery Park is sensational for body, mind and spirit.

This takes approximately 30 minutes to walk.

Here’s our plan:

4:00 pm – we meet at the entrance to Castle Clinton which is directly opposite the Urban Farm where this labyrinth is located.

We will do a 20 minute guided Loving Kindness (Metta) meditation together at the Battery Oval.

Afterward, we will proceed to the labyrinth to do a walking meditation reflecting upon our Loving Kindness meditation or whatever comes up for you.

We can go for an early supper afterwards if we’re thus inclined.


The closest accessible subway stations are Fulton Street and Cortlandt Street. As always, check for the latest.

The Labyrinth is accessible if you’re comfortable with a wheelchair or scooter on grass. Some of the turns are tight but that’s fine as it’s all flush with the ground. You won’t miss out on the benefit if you go over the outlines. Bathrooms within Battery Park are accessible.