Fall Foliage Day Trip!

Walkway Over the Hudson on October 22!

Do we really care about maple pecan pumpkin autumnal marketing hooha in all it’s many contrivances as brought to you by DuaneReade by Walgreens? No! We care about leaves. Foliage. Fall foliage to be exact. So that’s exactly what we’re focusing on!

We’re going to do this in a very “I’ve only got one day to get this season in” kinda way. In New York City, usually Spring and Autumn happen during the rinse or spin cycles, right? As Joan C would say, “we don’t find the time, we make the time” so that’s what this day is all about.

Our Plan:

We meet at the info booth in the center of Grand Central Terminal at 9:25am. Our MetroNorth train is at 9:43am. Check out mta.info to get your weekend subway/bus stars in alignment so that you can be at GCT at 9:25am. If you’re not, don’t sweat it, you know which train we’re taking so buy a ticket, get on board and message us through the MeetUp app. Round trip is $37.00. Try that with a ZipCar.

Depending upon your appetite, bring breakfast/brunch/or lunch to have on board.

When we disembark, we’ll walk to the Walkway and proceed on a 4.4 mile hike (flat terrain) that will take us across the Hudson on one bridge and back on another bridge. http://walkway.org/visit/walkway-loop-trail/

After our walk/hike, we can have an early supper in Poughkeepsie or get on MetroNorth to return. Let’s see how the rsvps shape up and go from there. We’ll have vegan options up our sleeves should we remain in Poughkeepsie or return to NYC.

There are bathrooms at either end.

Accessibility: MetroNorth is accessible. The Walkway is accessible. There is an elevator to the Walkway but they urge to call to check status. Check that out here:


All things Walkway Over the Hudson can be found here: http://walkway.org

Here’s to the change of seasons!

rsvp here: https://www.meetup.com/vegout-nyc/events/244041231/