Soulful Creatures & Tommy Pico at the Brooklyn Museum!

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There have been findings of several million (several million!) animal mummies in ancient Egypt to this day. What must those burial sites look like?

The Brooklyn Museum states: “In the ancient burial ground at Saqqara, Egypt, one animal cemetery alone has yielded over four million individual ibis mummies. And the nearby dog cemetery contained over seven million mummies, with countless others found throughout Egypt. This unusual aspect of ancient Egyptian culture and religion—the mummification of animals—has remained largely a mystery. Soulful Creatures: Animal Mummies in Ancient Egypt explores the religious purpose of these mummies, how they were made, and why there are so many.

Drawn from our renowned collection, the exhibition features choice examples from among the many millions of mummies of birds, cats, dogs, snakes, and other animals preserved from at least thirty-one different cemeteries throughout Egypt. Animals were central to the ancient Egyptian worldview. Most animals had connections to a particular deity. After death, mummified animals’ souls could carry a message to a god.

Yet not all animal mummies are what they seem. Scientific investigation of the mummies reveals that the corruption in the animal cemeteries that some contemporaneous texts allege was all too real. CT scans displayed in the exhibition uncover the empty wrappings, double mummies, and misleading packaging among some of the mummies that the priests sold to worshippers.”

Watch the excellent video with the curators on the museum exhibit home page:

After our post-Halloween event, we’ll head up to the fifth floor for the First Saturday Book Club: Tommy Pico.

Poet Tommy Pico reads from his latest collection, Nature Poem, about his experiences as an American Indian (NDN) writer grappling with colonial white stereotypes, manifest destiny, and his own identity as a young, queer, urban-dwelling poet.

Our Plan:

6:30pm we meet just off the lobby as described above.

6:45pm we head up to Soulful Creatures exhibition.

8:30pm we hear Tommy Pico read

There is no better place to people watch (New Yorkers, that is) in NYC than at the First Saturday of each month at the Brooklyn Museum. In between these events we can enjoy a beverage at the bars set up around the museum. Feel free to stay after 10pm to take in some more art or just hang out.

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