VegOut Loves Capybaras – two ways!

images.jpegWho doesn’t love the world’s largest rodent? Who doesn’t love a really good Brazilian vegan restaurant?
First, the rodent. Capybaras can weigh up to 146 lbs. Enough about the Capybara.
Second, the restaurant! Capybara has been open just over a month. The food and drink are exceptional. The photo above is of a partially drunk La Chacahua which is mezcal, lime, avocado (shaved and shaken with ice), agave and chili salt. It was fantastic. Their vegan beef tacos are fresh and bright in taste. I can’t wait to share this with you all!
Our plan: Arrive anytime between 6p-630p. It is deep into the borough on the L & M trains. The Myrtle/Wyckoff Avenues stop for the L/M or the L Halsey Street stop both work as Capybara is exactly between the two stops.
Accessibility: The restaurant itself isn’t accessible. The dining area is up a few steps and the bathroom is not accessible. The Myrtle/Wyckoff L/M stop is accessible.
Afterward, if anyone is interested we can head a few blocks up to Nowadays and catch an outdoor screening of Wag the Dog ( or just hang out in the indoor lounge if it’s really hot. If you haven’t seen Nowadays it’s worth the trip!