We Dine at Sacred Chow!

images-1.jpegSacred Chow has been serving up delicious vegan fare since 1995. It is amazing that the little engine that could began as takeaway and eventually morphed into it’s own bricks and mortar storefront. For almost 25 years we’ve had the pleasure of dropping in and experiencing a consistently reliable meal.
Let’s let New York Magazine further describe this venue:
“There’s a reason why the logo is a meditating cartoon cow: Sacred Chow serves serious vegan cuisine without taking itself too seriously. Chef and owner Cliff Preefer, a former Legal Aid lawyer, founded Sacred Chow in 1995 as a take-out store on Hudson St.; this Sullivan St. venture is his first restaurant. The snug space has red- and mustard-colored walls accented with Middle Eastern antiques, like glass-bejeweled hanging lamps and a mosaic-inlaid fountain. Using organic and kosher-certified ingredients, Preefer conjures up an enticing meatless array of tapas, salads, and sandwiches. Salads are fresh, substantial, and lively. The Nama Gori Kale Caesar is a credible rendition of the cheese-draped, crouton-studded classic, topped with grilled tofu steak slices. Sandwiches are engaging, like Mama’s soy meatball sub with soy protein orbs flavored with oregano, thyme, and garlic in a spicy rosemary-infused tomato sauce. Triple chocolate brownies may be gluten-free, but manage to be resplendent in rich, bittersweet chocolate.”
So let’s meetup and have a lovely summer supper at Sacred Chow!