Viva Vegan Mexicana at Black Flamingo!

P1300270-Edit.jpgLet’s get together the day before Halloween for some seriously good food at Black Flamingo in Williamsburg. I recently stopped in with VegOut’s Aaron and enjoyed their flautas (upper left corner) and immediately fell in love with food, staff, music and ambience. Aaron ordered the burrito and it was well-received by him. Black Flamingo gets it right on all counts.
New York Magazine says: “Here’s a new one: “midlife millennial.” That’s who Bryce David and his partners had in mind when they opened this bar and dance club, a spot for grown-ups who still want to rage but feel too old for the hangarsize dance bars like Output and Verboten. Upstairs, revelers can chitchat at the Miami-inspired bar: Palm leaves brush up against redbrick walls, and a vegetarian bar menu offers miso-tofu tacos alongside simple cocktails like a $12 ginger caipirinha. Once the drinks take hold, folks can head downstairs to the 70-capacity dance cave, where DJs keep everyone moving with discoinflected house music inspired by the days of the Loft and Paradise Garage.”
Yup, it’s a nightclub, too! There isn’t anything planned for the evening we’re there so the atmosphere will be mellow.
Who’s in for healthy vegan Mexican food at Black Flamingo?