Break Bread at Bunna Ethiopian Cafe (+ Pine Box Rock Shop!)


I meant tear bread but it doesn’t have the same ring, does it?

Bunna Cafe is about a tradition of sharing. They say that “Meals are shared, coffee is shared, homes are shared. It is a source of pride and honor to be able to give what you have to those that do not. Bunna Cafe supports people and organizations that engage in the art of sharing for the betterment of those in need — be it in Ethiopia or elsewhere.”

Bunna specializes in the vegan food, coffee, tea and alcohol of Ethiopia. Their food is delicious. The rolled bread – injera – that you see in the photo – fantastic! The wats (stews) are composed of different lentils, beans and vegetables all seasoned with heady aromatics. A recent dinner I had there included a summertime kale/avocado salad with a unique Ethiopian twist.

If we’re thus inclined we can then head over to Pine Box Rock Shop, NYC’s only vegan bar which is just a few blocks from Bunna. It’s seriously fun! As the name implies, Pine Box used to be a casket making facility. The Rock Shop is because events are planned in the back room space, usually bands.

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Take the L train to Morgan Avenue. It’s about a 10 minute walk from there through the TriBeCa of Brooklyn.