VegOut does Thai at CorTHAIyou!

Cort.OwnersReally CorTHAIyou does vegan at CorTHAIyou! This restaurant has the most charming vegan waiter who took it upon himself to request a vegan menu where he makes his livelihood. Wow!!! Talk about living in alignment with your values. This is major!
Let’s support his initiative and congratulate this lovely restaurant for doing the right thing. How about next Saturday?
(Scroll down for the vegan apps and entrees)
Let’s be an all vegan party of 6 for Corthaiyou!

Afterward we can head over to Bar Chord for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to continue the conversation if we are thus inclined.

Getting there:
The Q is the way to go and it is super fast right to Cortelyou Road.