Field Trip to Harmony Hammond


“At 75, the trailblazing artist, feminist and author of “Lesbian Art in America” finally gets a museum survey, and it shines.” – NYTimes

Harmony Hammond’s first retrospective is off the beaten path but this is a pilgrimage worthy bucket list art show if there ever was one.


– Out gay artist when few were.
– Exhibited and curated not long after Stonewall.
– Organized the first local exhibition devoted entirely to art by gay women, and called it what it was: “A Lesbian Show.”
– Co-founded the feminist Heresies Collective and coedited a lesbian-themed issue of its journal.
– Published “Lesbian Art in America: A Contemporary History,” the first and still only comprehensive survey book on the subject.
– In her own sculpture and painting, she bucked the trend that equated political art with figurative work, and invented her own modes of queer abstraction.
– In 1972, became a founding member of the all-women A.I.R. Gallery, which is still going strong.
(extracted from Holland Cotter’s review)

“Tons of abstract art has been churned out in the past five decades, yet not much new has happened. Galleries and museums are filled with walk-on-by works that, whatever their ingenuities, are basically just variations on old models, wall-filling exercises in easy, comfortable beauty. Ms. Hammond’s art has beauty too, but of a prickly, irritant kind: it’s burlap — sometimes sandpaper — as opposed to silk. No surprise that, in a market-driven art world resistant to what can’t be classified and resentful of work that refuses to ingratiate, the spotlight has been a long time coming her way. At the Aldrich, it shines.” – Holland Cotter

Our Plan:

Meet at 12:45pm in front of Margaret Thatcher Projects, 539 West 23rdStreet. We take the shuttle bus from the Chelsea art district directly to the Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield CT.
Bus arrives at The Aldrich at 3 pm
Bus departs The Aldrich at 5 pm
Bus arrives in Chelsea around 7 pm

If we’d like to continue the conversation post trip we can choose a local nearby vegan option to do so.

Shuttle ticket –

Purchase your ticket no later than Thursday (9/5) for our 9/8 trip.
Shuttle: $40
Museum admission: $12

Bring lunch for the bus trip if you don’t eat prior to boarding. A good choice with vegan options two blocks from departure point at 8th/23rd is: Two blocks further east just down from 6th ave you have Taim, By Chloe and Cava.